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Nader's message to Australia.

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09 November 2000

Nader's Message to Australia There is a tangible big-party anger in Canberra about the ‘Nader factor’ in the US election result, but the Greens are buoyed, Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

“But it is really the ‘Bush-Gore factor’ - the lack of choice for voters - they should be concentrating on. While Australia has a much better voting system than Australia, in particular preferential voting, the 3 million Nader votes is a powerful message to Australia's Liberal-Labor duopoly,” Senator Brown said.

Ralph Nader has made a feature of :

· political integrity, including ending corporate largesse to political parties; · voter choice, instead of big party indifference, on issues like consumer protection, workers' rights, electoral reform and closing the gap between rich and poor; · giving the environment the importance Mr Gore once attributed it.

“In Australia the Labor and Coalition parties want to bury the same issues. The Greens’ role is to get them on the agenda for the next election.

Senator Brown says he has invited Nader to Australia to speak at the first Global Greens Conference in Canberra next April.

Senator Brown introduced the following motion into the Senate this morning:

That the Senate:


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(a) Congratulates Ralph Nader who has offered the USA and the world honourable options to economic rationalism, to corporate override of democracy and to the duopoly bedevilling western democracies;

(b) Recognises Mr Nader’s integrity which has won nearly 3 million US voters’ support; and

(c) Calls for and end to corporate donations to political parties in Australia and endorses the Nader assertion that “the two parties need a jolt”.

Contact: Ben Oquist 02 6277 3170 or 0419 704 095

Category: Senate Office

Author: Ben Oquist

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