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Government all over the shop on airport policy: time for some honesty and consistency.

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Martin Ferguson MP

Shadow Minister for Urban and Regional Development Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure

21 August 2003

GOVERNMENT ALL OVER THE SHOP ON AIRPORT POLICY - Time for Some Honesty and Consistency The Federal Government confirmed their plan to build Badgerys Creek airport in the Parliament last night, again exposing their duplicitous campaign tactics.

The acting Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources and Member for North Sydney, Joe Hockey said in Parliament last night:

“…this Government is committed to a second airport in Sydney. Existing government policy is to commit to a second airport at Badgerys Creek with a review in 2005. That is the policy that we have had since the 1996 election….our policy has not changed.”

The Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the Member for Lindsay know this policy locks them into a second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek, but they continue to imply the contrary intention with their public comments.

Quite simply, if the Coalition can’t live with their policy, they should have the guts to change it and stop their deceptive double game and dishonesty with the Sydney community.

The Coalition is content to back the Sydney Airport Masterplan to max-out growth with no proper independent assessment of the additional impact on residents and infrastructure.

The public expect the Government to provide this information as part of the consultation process, but the Prime Minister has already given the airport owners the nod and wink.

The Government must bring forward their review, stop the sale of the basin airports and make a responsible, proper assessment of Sydney’s transport needs.

Labor will not build Sydney’s second airport at Badgerys Creek. The Coalition will.

Labor is united in our policy to determine a site for Sydney’s second airport in full consultation with State and Local governments and the community as part of an integrated transport plan. The Coalition stays in denial.

Labor will have an integrated transport plan for Sydney.

Labor will improve noise mitigation measures for residents affected by Sydney airport noise. The Coalition has given the nod and wink to max-out Sydney Airport.

Labor will not close the terminal air traffic control units in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. The Coalition continues their plan to close them.

Labor has told the truth to the Sydney community. The Coalition continues their duplicitous campaign.

The Government is all over the shop on Sydney airport issues and it’s time they got their act together in the interests of the Sydney community.

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