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Women can't trust Beazley's claims.

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Media Release


Hon Judi Moylan MP

Minister for the Status of Women




In a cynical attempt to win the women’s vote, Labor Leader Kim Beazley is brazen in his claim that he has never supported a goods and services tax.


M r Beazley wrote to women throughout his electorate of Brand late last week, claiming he would “continue to oppose a GST, as I always have”.


But in Paul Kelly’s book The End of Certainty (part 11, Chapter 9, The Tax Summit) it is revealed that “only Hawke, Gareth Evans, Kim Beazley and Susan Ryan supported Keating’s position” for tax reform that included a GST.


“Mr Beazley’s letter underlines the fact that Labor will say and do anything to win power,” the Minister for the Status of Women, Judi Moylan said.


“Mr Beazley was not concerned about the affect on women of increasing wholesale sales tax in 1994, after he promised L.A.W. tax cuts - tax cuts which he never delivered.”


“Can Mr Beazley be trusted this time to keep his promise to cut tax and not increase wholesale sales tax? Look at the rest of Beazley’s record - increased fuel tax in 1993, increased fringe benefits tax rate in 1993, increased wholesale sales tax in 1993, increased sales tax on wine in 1993, increased the Medicare levy to 1.5% in 1995 and increased the sales tax on new motor vehicles in 1995,” Mrs Moylan said.


Mrs Moylan said women were big winners under John Howard’s tax reform measures.


“There will be no GST on child care, education or health, and the proposed new Child Care Benefit will provide an increase in the maximum level of assistance of $7.50 a week - of particular benefit to lower income families and working sole parents.


“For the first time in many, many years women now have a choice of working in the paid workforce, caring for their children full-time or combining both roles, with the Coalition’s family package,” Mrs Moylan said.


“The Howard Government’s tax reforms direct additional assistance to over 2 million families,” she said.


“All this from a Government that has spent more than any other on child care,” she said.


Mrs Moylan said in this election there were just two choices.


“On one hand you can have Labor tinkering at the edges, promising the world and delivering nothing - as their record shows.


“Or you can have true tax reform with the Coalition, giving women greater choices, recognising their needs and promising women a secure future for their children,” Mrs Moylan said.


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