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Howard Government Christmas gift to travellers - ticket tax slug.

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Federal Member for Batman Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism

Martin Ferguson MP


16th December 2002


This Christmas, travellers will continue to pay unnecessary taxes thanks to the Howard Government.

If you are thinking of flying anywhere for your annual holiday, be prepared for the litany of taxes on your ticket courtesy of the Howard Government.

The $10 Ansett ticket Levy, the $38 Passenger Movement Charge (PMC), noise taxes, landing charges, security charges - not to mention the GST - all contribute to the tax burden on travellers.

The Howard Government continues to collect $11 million each month from the Ansett ticket levy, despite knowing it will recoup every cent loaned to the Administrators for Ansett workers’ entitlements.

The levy is now a political slush fund to help the Howard Government’s busted budget bottom line.

The Minister for Tourism will also not rule out an increase of up to $12 on the Passenger Movement Charge (PMC) to pay for his long-awaited tourism package.

The $280 million collected each year under the PMC goes far beyond cost recovery, and remains yet another tax take over and above its original purpose.

Travellers now also face another new ticket burden to pay for necessary improved security measures.

Enough is enough. Travellers are sick of being used as cash cows for the Howard Government.

The Howard Government must adopt Labor’s stand of abolishing the Ansett ticket levy now, and immediately rule out any revenue-grabbing increase to the PMC.

Contact: Blythe Hamilton 0407 099 104