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Australia helps reform China's welfare system.

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Senator Jocelyn Newman

Minister for Family and Community Services

Minister Assiting the Prime Minister for the Status of Women


Friday, 12 November 1999


Australia helps reform China’s welfare system


Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator Jocelyn Newman, today announced her Department’s success in signing a US$3 million contract to assist the People’s Republic of China reform its social security system.


Senator Newman said her Department would work with the Chinese Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MOLSS) and the Ministry of Finance to help China develop various social security reforms.


Part of a US$20 million World Bank-funded program, the contract includes reforms to the provision of aged pensions, disability payments, health insurance and unemployment insurance.


“Australia’s social security system is world class,” Senator Newman said. “And this contract is particularly rewarding as it is unusual for China to seek outside help on such matters.


“It also reflects the special relationship between my department and China’s government, which has been built up over many years.


FaCS has brought together a team of selected experts from the private and public sectors in Australia and the United States. A senior FaCS officer who will be based in China will lead the project team.


“The project team will work with the MOLSS and the local governments of Beijing, Chengdu, Ningbo and Yantai, to help manage their existing social security programs and look at ways of improving them,” Senator Newman said.


“This will involve a close evaluation of the whole welfare program including, IT systems, policy, practices and administrative processes then providing expert advice on mechanisms for overall improvement.”


Another part of the project will involve FaCS officers working with the MOLSS and the Ministry of Finance to assist with the long term strategic planning and development of China’s social security policy and legislation.


“This vital World Bank funded project is just one of a number of projects that my department and the Chinese Government are currently involved. Both parties have worked closely together over a number of years and these current projects continue to build on the strong relations between the two countries,” Senator Newman said.


Media interviews:

Simon Bush, 0407 780 509 (Senator Newman’s Office)

Brian Quinlan, 0419 254 069 (Dept Family and Community Services)



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