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John Howard continues his rush for nuclear.

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Senator Chris Evans Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Shadow Minister for National Development, Resources and Energy

5 March 2007


The Howard Government remains intent on rushing Australia down the nuclear path.

It is increasingly clear that John Howard is on a personal crusade to see twenty five nuclear reactors built across Australia.

The Government's weekend appointment of Dr Ziggy Switkowski as the Chairman of the Australian Nuclear Science and technology Organisation (ANSTO) is aimed at accelerating the introduction of nuclear power in Australia.

In announcing the decision Julie Bishop stated that Dr Switkowski was "an ideal choice to head up ANSTO as we move into this period of seriously discussing nuclear power as an alternative to coal".

This follows the release of the Final Report of the Government's Nuclear Review, headed by Dr Switkowski, which recommended building twenty five nuclear reactors across the country over the next forty years.

The Government is due to consider an options paper outlining how to implement those recommendations in the next four weeks.

John Howard's response to climate change is to replace coal fired power with what he claims is "the cleanest and greenest power generation source of all, nuclear power".

Labor's response is to encourage clean coal technology and renewable energy sources to help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

Labor opposes the use of nuclear power in Australia.

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