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Labor's renewable energy target creates jobs for Northern Tasmania.

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Labor's Renewable Energy Target Creates Jobs For Northern Tasmania Media Statement - 8th November 2007

The election of a Rudd Labor Government could see a massive expansion in the renewable energy sector and help drive regional development in the north of Tasmania.

Visiting Scottsdale today with Bass Labor Candidate Jodie Campbell and members of Dorset Council, Shadow Minister for Trade and

Regional Development Simon Crean said a Rudd Labor Government will set a 20%

Renewable Energy Target for Australia to reach by 2020.

‘The 20% target is the equivalent of powering Australia's 7.5 million homes for a year’ Mr Crean said.

‘But the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) is not just about dealing with global warming, it is also about creating significant new economic and job opportunities for Tasmania.’

‘ Tasmania has a proud history of generating renewable energy and is a world leader in the field, with Tasmania's own Roaring 40s company exporting Tasmanian technology around the world.’

‘Labor's increased renewable energy target, combined with Basslink, provides Tasmania with even greater opportunities, and will help Australia reduce its greenhouse footprint," he said.

Roaring 40s have already welcomed Labor's policy saying in a statement that they see it as a ‘big step forward for Australia's renewable sector’, describing it as ‘good news for the renewable energy sector in Australia’ and noting that a ‘20% target is more in line with other countries' commitments, and will promote significant investment in the Australian renewable energy sector’.

Labor's policy will help open up not only opportunities to develop wind farms in Scottsdale but renewable energy developments in other parts of Tasmania and Australia.

Ms Campbell said she had worked hard to ensure a Rudd Labor Government has a plan that will help boost the number of jobs in renewable energy in places such as Scottsdale and the north east of Tasmania.

‘After the neglect and criticism of our renewable energy sector and workers by the

Simon Crean

Jodie Campbell

Howard Government, Labor's new renewable energy target is likely to draw millions in investment dollars to Tasmania and create sustainable new jobs in the north,’ Ms Campbell said.

‘Without knowing their business plans, I hope that local firms such as Haywards, who are already innovators in the renewable energy sector, will find new opportunities because of Federal Labor's support for renewable energy.’

‘And besides helping to boost Tasmania's renewable energy sector, Labor's renewable energy target is a responsible step in tackling climate change, which will affect our community, particularly our farmers.’

‘Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the generation of electricity is one of the central challenges in tackling climate change.’

‘Federal Labor's 20% Renewable Energy Target will ensure that the equivalent of at least 20% of Australia's electricity supply is generated from renewable sources by 2020’.

‘To achieve this, Federal Labor will increase the MRET from the Howard Government's 30,000 gigawatt hours to 45,000 gigawatt hours per year’.

‘This is a key part of Labor's plan to tackle climate change which also includes ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, providing $489 million to make Australia's entire 9,612 private and public schools ‘Solar Schools’ within eight years, and our $130 million commitment to help our farmers adapt to climate change,’ Ms Campbell said.

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