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Transcript of doorstop interview of the Shadow Treasurer : Parliament House, Canberra: 12 October 2005: Tax; National Party; Peter Costello; Barnaby Joyce.

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Wayne Swan MP Federal Labor Shadow Treasurer



SUBJECTS: Tax; National Party; Peter Costello; Barnaby Joyce

SWAN: I Just wanted to make a couple of comments about Peter Costello’s big spending, bad taxing ways. Today we’ve got reports of a National Party ginger group on tax. Let me say that I welcome that development, because Peter Costello is holding up tax reform and tax relief until he can do his victory lap later next year. Families are being put under tremendous financial pressure because they are being denied tax relief while petrol prices are high. Peter Costello’s personal ambitions are being put before the national interest, which demands tax reform and tax relief now. So let’s see whether the National Party’s got some gumption to take the Treasurer on, because he’s clearly not going to move. Another example of where power has simply gone to his head. And this morning we see more because, in addition to denying taxpayers need tax relief, he’s out there spending like a drunken sailor. Tens of millions of dollars of television and newspaper ads, while he says that the workers of Australia can’t have some tax relief. That just shows how twisted the priorities of this Government are, and how the power has gone to their heads.

Journalist: Barnaby Joyce has put his actions ahead of words overnight. What would you encourage him to do on IR?

SWAN: The real test for Barnaby Joyce will be whether he stands up for the workers of Queensland, when industrial relations comes before the Senate. Whether he stands up for a Senate proposal that is going to cut the wages of workers right across Queensland, particularly the lowest paid in regional Queensland. That will be a real test for Barnaby Joyce; whether he can stand up for those people who have worked hard to make our economy strong, who deserve a decent wage system and a decent tax cut. They’ve been denied a decent tax cut by Peter Costello.


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