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The cruelty of cages: the choice is clear.

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Senator Andrew Bartlett Senator for Queensland Australian Democrats spokesperson for Animal Welfare

Press Release Dated: 13 Feb 2001

Press Release Number: 01/80 Portfolio: Animal Welfare 

The cruelty of cages - the Choice is clear In welcoming the latest Choice magazines article on egg production methods, the Australian Democrats have renewed calls for an accurate labelling of egg cartons.

Research shows consumers support non-cruel methods of egg production but the present system of egg carton labelling is inadequate and misleading, according to Senator Andrew Bartlett, the Democrat spokesperson on the environment and animal welfare.

“The Democrats have always opposed battery cages and while we will continue to fight for a ban on this cruel egg production method, honesty in labelling would be a start,” he said.

“Brands such as ‘Home on the Range’ are actually from battery cage eggs. Many consumers would be deceived.

The latest issue of the Australian Consumer Association magazine provides information about the different egg production methods including the cruelty of the battery cage system.

“By early 2002 there will be labelling requirements for egg production methods, but as Choice magazine points out it’s still going to be industry-driven and not legislated which is far from adequate,” Senator Bartlett said.

“Consumers are unsure which eggs come from hens in battery cages. Labelling must be clear.”

Egg carton labelling is on the agenda of the next meeting of all state and territory Agricultural Ministers (ARMCANZ) in New Zealand on the 9 March.

Senator Bartlett has previously written to all the Agricultural Ministers asking them to follow the European Union example and set a date for a ban on

battery cages.

“The battery cage does not meet basic standards for animal welfare. Alternative systems of egg production are available and economically viable,” said Senator Bartlett.


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