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"It's time" to go back to 1972.

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Media Release

John Anderson

Deputy Prime Minister

Leader of the National Party


21 st October 1999





In an extraordinary blunder, the Australian Republican Movement has chosen to remind Australians of the Labor Par ty’s most appalling period of maladministration in a bid to win voters for the republic, Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the National Party, John Anderson said today.


“I find it astounding that the ARM would choose the ‘It’s Time’ theme for its republican anthem,” Mr Anderson said.


“It is a curious tactical decision to remind people of the mismanagement and divisiveness of the Whitlam years. The ‘It’s Time’ theme is a product of the past, it belongs in the past, and its inclusion in the republican campaign is a monumental error.”


On comments by some coalition politicians campaigning for the Yes case that the term ‘politicians’ republic’ is offensive, Mr Anderson asked them to re-examine the republic model on offer, and ask themselves who would choose the president.


“It is a fact that Federal Members of Parliament would choose the president.



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