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Unitary IR system essential.

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Senator Andrew Murray Democrats Senator for Western Australia Australian Democrats spokesperson for Workplace Relations

Dated: 25 January 2008 Portfolio: Workplace Relations

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UNITARY IR SYSTEM ESSENTIAL Now that the Rudd Labor government has announced it is actively working on a single IR system for Australia, the Australian Democrats today urged the Coalition to co-operate with Labor to achieve consensus on a lasting and sustainable system. "The Democrats are pleased that our decade-long advocacy of a genuine single national IR system has been embraced by federal Labor. There are still those who advocate state-based IR systems in a country of just 21 million people. That does not make economic, social or competitive sense," said Senator Andrew Murray, the Democrats Workplace Relations spokesperson. "Under the federal compact, we need a system that is not the consequence of a hostile take-over via the Corporations Power, (which was a failing of the Coalition’s system) but is subject to referral or agreement by the states - just as we do for trade practices law and corporations law. Such an approach does away with unnecessary complexity and legal contrivances. We need a single simpler unitary system which also offers justice, efficiency and balance. "Why do we need many industrial relations commissions, when just one will do, with premises in every state and territory? Why do we need a myriad of regulators - taskforces, authorities, departmental inspectorates etc - when just one will do, with premises in every state and territory? Senator Murray concluded: "The key features of a modern Australian IR system should be • a single national system to replace the confusion of the six overlapping state and federal systems; • a single strong independent national Industrial Relations Commission; • a single strong, independent national Workplace Regulator; • a genuine safety net with minimum wages awarded annually; minimum conditions for all workers; and a streamlined award system; and • genuinely flexible bargaining - union and non union; collective and individual; enterprise and industry."

Printed: 4 February 2008

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