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Drugs seized in Sydney

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have seized a large quantity of hard drugs and arrested four persons allegedly members of a major cocaine importing syndicate in another successful cooperative policing effort.

The joint AFP and United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) action seized six kilograms of cocaine. The syndicate allegedly planned to ultimately import more than 100 kilograms of cocaine into Australia.

Like yesterday's seizure of 78 kilograms of heroin, this cocaine seizure and dismantling of a drug syndicate again emphasises the importance of close collaboration between national and international law enforcement authorities.

Since October 1996, Australian law enforcement agencies have seized more than 14 kilos of ecstasy, 36 kilos of cocaine, 123 kilos of heroin, five tonnes of cannabis and about 18 tonnes of cannabis resin.

The effectiveness of Australian agencies - the AFP, the Australian Customs Service, the National Crime Authority and the police in each State - is increasingly being enhanced by growing relationships with international law enforcement authorities.

Australia is taking a cooperative approach and a more strategic focus in the use of law enforcement resources and it is resulting in successful operations.

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