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Democrats await schools list.

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Senator Lyn Allison Senator for Victoria Australian Democrats spokesperson for Schools

Press Release Dated: 29 Aug 2000

Press Release Number: 00/531 Portfolio: Schools 

Democrats await schools list The Federal Education Department (DETYA) has failed to provide vital information about a proposed controversial funding formula for non-government schools, according to the Australian Democrats.

Democrats’ Schools Spokesperson, Senator Lyn Allison, said, “Documents necessary to make sound judgements about the fairness of the impending legislation have failed to show even after the Senate used its power to order they be tabled.”

Two weeks ago, the Democrats supported an ALP Return to Order, which required DETYA to supply the documents.

A Senate Inquiry into the States Grants (Primary and Secondary Education) Bill 2000, in which the new funding formula is contained, is due to report September 3rd. It could be delayed until the Committee can examine the funding allocations.

"The Education Minister is deliberately trying to keep us in the dark. The scores for each of the 2,262 non-government schools that took part in the SES simulation project have been known to those schools for some time and that list is critical in understanding the impact of the bill,” Senator Allison said.

“The Government claims this funding methodology delivers funding on the basis of genuine need and is fairer than the present arrangement. The Senate needs to establish whether this is the case or not.

“These increases mean a massive 40% rise in funding to non-government schools, over the period 2001-2004. Government schools will receive 21% over the same period, which will barely keep up with inflation and increased enrolments.

"Without this data we must assume that information suggesting that

disproportionate increases will go to the wealthiest independent schools is entirely accurate,” Senator Allison concluded.


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