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'Yes' case on the run.

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John Anderson

Deputy Prime Minister

Minister for Transport and Regional Services





October 1999


The desperate ‘Yes’ case for next month’s republic referendum is showing signs of strain with attempts to stop the ‘No’ case advertising campaign, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the National Party, John Anderson.


Calls from the Yes campaign for the Australian Electoral Commission to ban the No case advertisement exhibit an air of desperation as the debate progresses.


“If Yes campaigners thought they could win the referendum on the issues, they might be telling everybody about their republic model,” Mr Anderson said.


“Instead they try to stifle their opponents so the community can’t see the alternate view.” Mr Anderson also called on Yes campaigner Wayne Burns to come clean on the detail of the poll figures he has quoted in support of the republic.


“Mr Burns says 65 percent of young people support ‘a republic’. He did not give the breakdown of how many young people do not support the Australian Republic Movement’s so-called ‘politicians republic’.


“The ARM is using all the smoke and mirrors it can conjure to get away from its own republican model. Come clean ARM, stop ducking and weaving, and tell Australia all about the politician’s republic.”


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