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Liberals seek to stop young voters.

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Media Release

Tanya Plibersek, MP

Federal Member for Sydney


Tuesday, June 29, 1999


Liberals Seek To Stop Young Voters


“Young voters would be less likely to obtain voting rights in Federal Elections under recent Liberal Party proposals,” the Federal Me mber for Sydney, Tanya Plibersek said today.


Currently, eligible voters may enrol for five days following the calling of an election. The Liberal’s submission proposes closing the Electoral Roll at 6.00 pm on the day the Writs are issued.


“This proposal clearly disadvantages young first time voters, who may be prompted by the election announcement to enrol for the first time”, said Ms Plibersek.


“It also affects people who have recently moved residence, disproportionately affecting young people in rental accommodation,” she said.


Ms Plibersek pointed out that in 1998, 350,000 people enrolled to vote in the five working days prior to the electoral rolls being closed, including 64,000 new enrollees. Many of these 350,000 people would be denied a vote if the Liberal Party proposal were to be introduced.


“The Liberal Party has consistently demonstrated that they are afraid to allow young people have a voice”, said Ms Plibersek. “The VSU legislation, and the replacement of AYPAC with the muzzled Youth Roundtable are designed to silence young people.”


“This is just one more example of the Howard Government’s disregard for the opinions and concerns of young Australians”.


If you too feel that the proposal of the Liberal Party of Australia to close the electoral roll on the day of the issue of the writ of an election is detrimental for young people, write to their Federal Director and let him know!

Send your letter to Lynton Crosby Federal Director Liberal Party of Australia

P0 Box E13 Kingston ACT 2600

or fax him directly on 02 6273 1534


For more information:

Tanya Plibersek MP on (02)6277 4519 or (02)9550 5877



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