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Kemp kills employment prospects for young Australians.

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Senator Natasha Stott Despoja

Australian Democrats

Employment Spokesperson




6 August 1998



Kemp kills employment prospects for young Australians


Today’s unemployment figures reveal the highest youth unemployment rate outside of th e traditional end of school year slump since June 1994, and the lowest number of full time jobs for young Australians in a decade.


Australian Democrats’ Deputy Leader and Employment Spokesperson, Senator Natasha Stott Despoja, said today’s employment figures showed young Australians were bearing “more than their fair share of the brunt of the failure of the Coalition’s economic policies.”


“The number in full time jobs is down, the number without any job at all is at its highest point in four years, and the assistance being provided by Government has been slashed,” said Senator Stott Despoja.


“Higher education has been made more expensive, Job Network is a disaster, labour market program places have been decimated and direct job schemes like LEAP have been slashed.


“On top of that, young people have had their income support cut with 40,000 young adults now denied the Youth Allowance because they are deemed to be “children” for income purposes.


“It really is a disgrace that this Government has so completely and callously let down the young people of Australia.


“The Democrats believe all young people must be guaranteed a Government-funded place in education, training or real paid employment, as the Blair Government in Britain has done.


“That is not happening. We have 30 per cent of young people stuck on the unemployment queues and shuffled into often dead-end work-for-the-dole activity.


“Until we get serious about skills development for young people, we face the real prospect of a very large group of Australians never getting the opportunity to share in Australia’s future economic prosperity through the workforce,” concluded Senator Stott Despoja.


Senator Stott Despoja is available for comment on today’s employment figures on the steps of State Parliament House, (SA) today at 3.15 pm (CST).


To arrange comment, contact: Senator Stott Despoja

on 0418 812 589 or 08 8232 7595