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Rebuilding Palm Island.

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REBUILDING PALM ISLAND Wednesday, 7 September 2005

I am once again disappointed in the views of the State Government in relation to rebuilding Palm Island. I strongly oppose the Select Committee’s key recommendations, because they do nothing more than condemn Palm to another 100 years of misery. The report has missed the two most important ways to address the problems. Firstly, the committee didn’t recommend freehold title to be available on the Island. Without an integrationist model in place there will never be any real jobs on the Island. Secondly, the committee didn’t address indigenous education as the key to Palm Island residents shaping their own destiny. Education is the key to change, issues such as early childhood intervention and truancy should have been given high priority Instead, the committee has talked about library services for people who can’t read, a career expo each year for a community that has no work, and an increase in alcohol availability for a community that already drinks itself stupid. The Beattie Government should be condemned for their failure to seize the opportunity to address the real problems facing Palm Island residents.