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Government still playing catch up on veterans' pension erosion.

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Shadow Minister for Veterans' Affairs Shadow Minister for Defence Science and Personnel


The one-off catch up payments for war veterans on Special and Intermediate Rate Pensions (TPI and TTI) commence on Thursday, but the Howard Government still refuses to fix the continuing erosion of these pensions.

Labor today warned that the Howard Government’s refusal to index the above general rate disability pensions to both CPI and MTAWE will mean that the financial wellbeing of our most severely disabled veterans will continue to decline relative to average Australian standards of living.

The Howard Government excluded above general rate disability pensions when it indexed a range of pensions in full to both CPI and MTAWE in 1997. This has disadvantaged more than 43,000 severely disabled veterans.

Under Labor, the Special Rate Disability Pensions (TPI and TTI), Intermediate Rate Pensions and Extreme Disablement Adjustment Pensions (EDA) would be indexed to movements in MTAWE or CPI, whichever is the greater. This indexation would be implemented on top of Thursday’s catch up payments, to ensure that these one-off increases are sustained.

Alan Griffin said “A catch up payment of $50 and $25 respectively is welcome, but it is only a half-fix. Under a Rudd Labor Government, our most severely disabled veterans would not have to go cap-in-hand to the Government each election year for a top up of their pension. ”

A Rudd Labor Government will ensure a fair go for those who have paid a high price in their service to the country.

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[18 July 2007]