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Government seeks to cloud the diesel issue.

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Press release

Senator Nick Bolkus

Shadow Minister for Environment and Heritage


28 June 1999


Government seeks to cloud the diesel issue


“The Government has stooped to new lows in public accountability in a cynical exercise to hide the real environment al impact of the GST package”, Senator Nick Bolkus, Shadow Minister for Environment and Heritage said today.


An assessment of the greenhouse impact of the Government’s tax package was tabled today in the Senate by Senator Minchin. “The document entitled ‘Environmental Impact of Revised ANTS’ continues to mislead the public” Senator Bolkus said.


“The Government has released a document that was prepared in-house, in a way that has been subject to political influence. But it has deferred tabling the Bureau of Transport Economics report in order to manipulate public debate.


In Senate estimates on June 7, Senator Hill refused to make public the modelling results prepared for the Government by the Bureau of Transport Economics and the Australian Greenhouse Office.


However the Secretary of the Environment Department Mr Roger Beale, conceded that the modelling did show an increase in greenhouse gas emissions as a result of the GST package.


Last week the Senate called for the Government to release a report by the Bureau of Transport Economics, but unfortunately the Democrats voted against the move, denying the Australian public access to this important information.


“This manoeuvre of withholding information that is critical of the Government’s proposal, and commissioning new more favourable advice, was discussed with, and received the support of Senator Lees.


“Not only have they made a dirty deal, they have gone to dirty depths to defend it.


Of particular concern with this latest report is the fact that prominent Australians such as Clive Hamilton are having their reputations affected.


We call on the Government to come clean on this issue and make public the BTE report.


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