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Malcolm Turnbull speaks to new citizens on Australia Day.

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Malcolm Turnbull speaks to New Citizens on Australia Day

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Speaking at the citizenship ceremony at Woollahra Council Chambers on Australia Day, the Federal Member for Wentworth, Malcolm Turnbull, reflected on the significance of Australia Day.

"Australia is an exceptional nation, unlike any other. In a world of intolerance, we are the most tolerant of nations. In an age when people of different religions and cultures too often seem unable to live together, our nation is the most diverse."

"We do not define our nation or our national identity by religion, by culture, by ethnicity, by colour or by race. Nobody has a monopoly on what it is to be Australian. We are united by a common love of our great country and a common commitment to political values of democracy, freedom, tolerance and equal treatment under the law."

"These values are often spoken of around the world, but there are few places where they are practised as successfully as they are in Australia. Our Australian story is one of great achievement, but most importantly it is one of great humanity, of great warmth and of enduring love for our fellow man."

"When disaster struck our neighbours including the people of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and India our nation responded with extraordinary generosity. Our Prime Minister responded quickly, compassionately and effectively."

"This is our national day, and you have honoured our nation by joining the ranks of its citizens. On my own behalf and that of the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia I warmly congratulate you."