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Queensland's Libs embarrass Federal Coalition MPs over petrol.

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Queensland Libs Embarrass Federal Coalition MPs Over Petrol Simon Crean - Shadow Treasurer

Media Statement - 15 November 2000

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All Federal Liberal and National MPs and Senators should publicly apologise to their constituents today for failing to stand up for them over the petrol price issue.

Federal Coalition members must be extremely embarrassed to learn that last night the Queensland Liberals sided with the Beattie Labor Government to demand that Prime Minister John Howard scrap a planned increase in fuel excise.

The Queensland Liberals last night gave their Federal colleagues a valuable lesson - it is possible to have the courage to stand up in the Parliament and vote on principle on an issue when it is what your voters want you to do.

Instead, when it comes to petrol prices, Federal Coalition members are heroes at home and cowards in Canberra.

Last week they had the chance to vote with Labor to force the Howard Government to remove the effect of the GST from the fuel excise indexation adjustment in February next year - a move that could see up to two cents a litre relief in the price of petrol.

But, sadly for the motorists in their electorates, the Coalition members did not have the courage to cross the floor.

It's not only the NSW and Queensland Nationals who have failed their constituents, it's all the Liberals, too, particularly the Queenslanders, given the actions of their State counterparts.

The Federal Queensland Liberals should get on the phone to their State leader, David Watson, to get a few tips on how to do the right thing by Queensland motorists.

These are the Federal Queensland Liberal MPs who last week decided to ignore their constituents' pleas for help over high petrol prices:

Mal Brough (Longman), Kay Elson (Forde), Warren Entsch (Leichhardt), Teresa Gambaro (Petrie), Gary Hardgrave (Moreton), David Jull (Fadden), Peter Lindsay (Herbert), Margaret May (McPherson), Ian Macfarlane (Groom), Peter Slipper (Fisher), Alex Somlyay (Fairfax), Kathy Sullivan (Moncrieff) and Cameron Thompson (Blair). John Moore (Ryan) didn't even bother to turn up for the vote.

Authorised by Geoff Walsh, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.