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Pro-Republic MPs threatened.

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Robert McClelland MP

Shadow Attorney-General

Federal Member For Barton


Ph: (02) 9587 2344




The Federal Opposition is deeply concerned at reports that threats have been made in an attempt to intimidate Coaliti on MPs from participating in this year’s Republic debate.


Robert McClelland, the Shadow Attorney-General, said that it would be a contempt of Parliament to attempt by improper means to influence a Member of Parliament in the performance of his or her duty, or the future performance of his or her duty.


Mr McClelland was responding to a Sunday Telegraph report which quoted a Coalition MP as saying that their preselection had been threatened if they backed a Republic.


“The report makes a mockery of the claim that Coalition MPs have been given freedom to follow their conscience in this vitally important matter”, Mr McClelland said.


“Any threat against any individual MP is a contempt of the Parliament itself and should be a matter of concern to all Members whatever their political persuasion”, Mr McClelland said.






Robert McClelland MP,  0418 411126