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State government uses taxpayers funds to buy opinion.

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In a gross misappropriation of taxpayer funds, Member for Canning, Don Randall was stunned to discover the WA State Government had run full-page ads in community newspapers this week, promoting misleading information and a non-existent website.

“The State Government has blatantly used taxpayer funds in order to run a misleading campaign over funding for the Perth-Bunbury Highway,” said Mr Randall.

“We are seeing a State Government who mismanages their projects to such an extent, that they would rather fund full page ads than use this money in a responsible way and fund the road infrastructure.

Mr Randall confirms he has been running ads in the Mandurah community newspapers for the last four weeks, urging Ms MacTiernan to sign the AusLink agreement and accept the Federal Governments commitment of $170 million.

These ads are fully financed by Mr Randall himself.

Federal Minister for Transport and Regional Services, the Hon Warren Truss and Minister for Local Government Territories and Roads, the Hon Jim Lloyd have written to Ms MacTiernan, clearly stating the Federal Government’s position in regard to AusLink.

“The ball is in Ms MacTiernan’s court as the Federal government has made its position clear,” said Mr Randall.

“The State Government can use taxpayers’ money to run full page ads or they can spend that money far more wisely by investing it in this crucial infrastructure. I know which option the people of the Peel and South-West regions would rather see.

“I urge Ms MacTiernan to sign the AusLink agreement, pay for her own ads and put an end to this ‘tit for tat’ mentality,” said Mr Randall.