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Williamtown residents hear good news on aircraft noise.

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MEDIA RELEASE The Hon. Dr. Brendan Nelson, MP Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence


10 May 2001 PARLSEC 130/01





Williamtown residents living in Steel Street and Moxy Close who are experiencing military aircraft noise levels above 30 ANEF will now have access to a Voluntary Acquisition Programme.


The announcement follows a meeting with residents on Sunday 6 May, which was attended by Dr Brendan Nelson, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence and organised by Mr Bob Baldwin, Liberal Candidate for Paterson.


"I am pleased to confirm that these Williamtown residents will now be able to sell their houses to the Department of Defence if they choose to," Dr Nelson said.


Dr Nelson directed the offer from the Department to the Williamtown residents and received a positive response.


"The Defence Department’s offer is seen by the residents as a constructive solution, and they are aware that this was not necessarily a decision that the Department were required to make," Dr Nelson said.


More noise monitoring of the area has also been requested by Dr Nelson to take place, which will allow the Department to obtain the most up to date and accurate readings.


Mr Bob Baldwin said the concerns of residents about aircraft noise have been heard in Canberra, following effective representation.


"This is a clear example of effective community leadership - something that has been lacking in the seat of Paterson," Mr Baldwin said.


"People don’t care who fixes the problem, they just want it fixed.


"Today is a proud day for residents and myself and shows how partnerships can be formed to solve problems."



 Media contacts: Jane Cusack, Dr Nelson’s office: 0419 444 626

Bob Baldwin: 0419 694 620

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