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Rural and regional exporters benefit from record level of export grants.

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Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Trade

David Brownhill


30 June 1998


Rural and regional exporters benefit from record level of export grants


Rural and regional exporters will be among the beneficiaries of the $140 million in payments throug h the Federal Government’s Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme, Parliamentary Secretary for Trade Senator David Brownhill said today.


Senator Brownhill, who has convened numerous regional exporter meetings around Australia in recent months, said 900 cheques will be posted next week with a total value of $50 million, bringing the total EMDG payments for 1997/98 to $140 million.


“The prudent management of funds has resulted in a 100 per cent payout of provisional entitlements, and as many as 3,200 businesses will receive a grant” he said.


“In addition 200 businesses were able to qualify for a grant due to a reduction in expense threshold under the new Export Market Development Grant scheme.


“It is also important to note that for every dollar spent on EMDG’s, $36 was created in exports.


“The Government has succeeded in streamlining and refocussing the scheme, which means exporters and the nation as a whole are now reaping the rewards.”


Senator Brownhill said targeted Government support of exporters would see a payoff to the community many times over in terms of increased employment and a more dynamic economy.


“This country has a market of 18 million people, while there are billions to our north and billions more in Europe, Africa and the Americas.”


“This country’s wealth and standard of living are based on our ability to export and this Government is doing everything its power to ensure exporters get a fair go.”




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