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Batchelor caught in tangled web on Scoresby: Pearce.

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Batchelor caught in tangled web on Scoresby: Pearce

Aston MP Chris Pearce today called on Victorian Transport Minister Peter Batchelor to finally end his campaign of deception on the Scoresby Freeway, after claiming this week that Victoria had the necessary funds to meet its 50% obligation under the Memorandum of Understanding.

Mr Pearce said the admission by Minister Batchelor’s spokeswoman, reported in the local media this week, that “the (Bracks) Government does have the money but its funding decision has been made” proved that the Bracks Government was not interested in delivering a freeway for local residents.

“The Bracks Government and its local apologists have been telling residents that it was making the “hard” decision because it could not meet its funding commitments - now the Minister has admitted that the Government has the money but doesn’t want to spend it on the Scoresby”, Mr Pearce said.

“To add insult to injury for the local community, not only has Minister Batchelor failed to deliver state funding for local road users but he has rejected the offer of additional federal funding - Scoresby Corridor residents deserve better than that”, Mr Pearce said.

“The Bracks Government has again been found out with its revolving list of excuses. They say they don’t have the money and now they do. They say the Federal Government must provide more money but reject it when offered. The Bracks Government has been caught in its own tangled web of deception - it’s now time to come clean and honour its commitments”, Mr Pearce said.


25 July, 2003