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Fantastic plastic to save lives.

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Media Release


14 July, 2004

Major buildings across Australia including the MCG in Melbourne and Westfield Shopping Centre in Bondi are being fitted with electrical cables covered with plastic that turn into ceramic when exposed to fire.

The plastic, developed by the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Polymers provides life saving benefits to all Australians, Australian Government Science Minister Peter McGauran said at the CRCs annual dinner.

“This breakthrough technology makes sure that during fires continuous electricity supply is still available which helps emergency workers stay in constant communication and ultimately saves lives,” Minister McGauran said.

“The new plastic, Pyrolex Ceramifiable, has

revolutionised the construction industry and generated more than $7 million in revenue with forecasts predicating a further $75 million in sales and creation of 20 new Australian jobs.

“The polymer industry underpins contemporary manufacturing providing skills, materials and components to a wide range of industries including the automotive, telecommunications and building industries. The industry contributes over $7 billion to the Australian economy and directly employs more than 55,000 workers.

“The CRC for Polymers is leading the industry with research and development that improves the efficiencies of the agricultural, automotive and biotechnology industries and improves international collaborations,” Minister McGauran said.

The Australian Government has provided $15 million to the CRC for Polymers that has developed core partnerships with industry and university including Visy Plastics, Nylex, Monash University and University of Sydney.

Further information: Jodie Naismith (Minister McGauran’s office) 03 9639 3199 or 0419 622 915