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Media Release

Roger Price, MP

Federal Member for Chifley

PO Box 259 Mt Druitt  NSW  2770


For immediate release


22 nd November 1999




Mr Roger Price MP, Federal Member for Chifley, today reminded analogue mobile phone users that they need to upgrade to digital by the end of the year.


“The analogue network will be closed on December 31st, except for some rural and remote areas, so the residents of Western Sydney will need to upgrade their phone or lose their phone service all together.


“If a person decides not to upgrade their phone to digital, they must still cancel their analogue service.” Mr Price warned. “They will face ongoing service charges from Telstra and Optus if they do not cancel their service.”


“Customers will have a choice of new mobile phone technology when upgrading.” Mr Price said. “The GSM (Global SerAce for Mobiles) is the most common, and has been in existence for seven years. Customers may, instead, choose the new CDMA service (Code Division Multiple Access) which will give a similar coverage to the analogue network while providing the security and other features of the GSM network.”


“Mobile phone customers should talk to their dealer about which mobile service will suit their needs. I would also urge customers to read the contracts closely to get the best deal available.” Mr Price said.


If anyone has any questions regarding the closing of the analogue network, they should contact the hotline on 1800 351 135.






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