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Anthony must sign too.

Anthony Must Sign Too


Cheryl Kernot - Shadow Minister for Employment and Training


Media Statement - 2 March 2000


The Howard Government is failing to meet its side of the "mutual obligation" that it applies to the unemployed, Cheryl Kernot, Shadow Minister for Employment and Training said today.


"The Government's so-called "Preparing for Work" agreement gives the highest priority to Work for the Dole schemes and dealing with Job Network agencies.


"Yet the Work for the Dole program has been criticised by the OECD for not providing any training.


"There is increasing evidence that many Job Network providers are skimping on providing training, especially for the long term unemployed. It is no wonder that the number of very long term unemployed increased by 3000 in January.


"My office receives calls every day from unemployed people who have been refused training under the Job Network. The Job Network is simply not delivering what the Government is now promising as an important part of their mutual obligation agreement.


"If this Government was serious about mutual obligation it would sign its half of the contract and provide the education and training that is its responsibility.


"Larry Anthony, Tony Abbott and John Howard should also be forced to sign each agreement and promise to actually provide real training opportunities for the unemployed.


"The unemployed are crying out for access to quality training programs so that they can get a job. Peak business groups, such as Australian Business, are crying out for skilled people in a whole range of occupations. Yet the Howard Government refuses to even talk about skills, let alone provide any real training.


"The Labor Party is tackling the skills crisis. Workforce 2010 has indicated the types of education and training that Australia's workforce will need over the next ten years. In addition, the Labor Party has announced initiatives that will allow Government to target training where it is needed most.


Authorised by Gary Gray, 19 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600.