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Australian national flag day: 3 September 2005

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Andrew Laming MP Federal Member for Bowman

MEDIA RELEASE Wednesday 31 August 2005 MR05.071


Mount Cotton State School has celebrated Australian National Flag Day with Andrew Laming, Federal Member for Bowman today at an assembly where an Australian Flag was presented to the School’s student leaders.

Andrew Laming, called on all Redland residents to celebrate Australian National Flag Day and to appreciate and understand our pre-eminent national symbol - the Australian National Flag.

“Australian National Flag Day commemorates the day on which the flag which was to become today’s Australian National Flag was first flown - 3 September 1901.

“Our National Flag expresses our identity as Australians whether on the sporting field, at times of remembrance and commemoration, on special days such as Australia Day or simply when we fly or display it at our homes. For this reason it is connected with many of the most important moments in our history, yet it has its own special story to tell - including how its design was chosen and what it means.

“Our flag is rich in symbolism. For instance, the large star on the flag underneath the Union Jack is called the Commonwealth Star. Six of the points on the star represent each of the States of Australia and the seventh point represents out territories. The stars of the Southern Cross on the flag are a constellation that can only be seen in the night skies of the Southern Hemisphere - a beautiful yet simple and profound symbol for our place on earth.

“I encourage all people in the Redlands to fly or display the Australian National Flag on Australian National Flag Day and to increase understanding of this significant national symbol.”

Australian Flags are available for community and non-profit groups from the Office of Andrew Laming, Member for Bowman by calling 3821 0155.


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