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The day petrol taxes didn't rise.

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Newsroom - John Anderson MP - The National Party of Australia Wednesday, February 06, 2002

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John Anderson Leader of the National Party - Deputy Prime Minister - Minister for Transport and Regional Services - Federal Member for Gwydir

The Day Petrol Taxes Didn't Rise

31st January 2001

"I am very pleased to announce that petrol taxes will not rise tomorrow," the Deputy Prime Minister, John Anderson, said today.

"Under the previous Labor Government, petrol taxes increased on the first of February and the first of August every year.

"Last year, we abolished their indexation system, and reduced the tax by 1.5 cents per litre. The duty imposed on a litre of fuel is now frozen.

"The price of unleaded petrol and diesel will not increase by 0.466 cents per litre tomorrow as a result of fuel indexation. Motorists will not have to pay more in tax every time they fill up at the bowser.

"As a result of our decisions, the price of unleaded petrol and diesel is now about 2.7 cents per litre lower than it would have been under the previous arrangements," Mr Anderson said.

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