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Sydney - Canberra very high speed "proved up" submission received by Governments.

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Media Release

John Anderson

Minister for Transport and Regional Services



19 November 1999


Sydney - Canberra Very High Speed Train “Proved Up” Submission Received by Governments


The Speedrail consortium today submitted its “Proved Up” bid for the Sydney-Canberra Very High Speed Train (VHST) proposal to the Commonwealth, New South Wales and ACT governments for consideration.


All three governments have been working with Speedrail during the Proving Up phase to allow the consortium to prepare a fully developed submission.


Governments will undertake a thorough evaluation of the Proved Up bid over the next few months to facilitate a decision on the project. The submission is highly detailed and will take some time to be fully assessed by governments.


It would be inappropriate to comment on any aspect of the project until a full analysis of the bid is completed.


Governments anticipate being in a position to make a decision on the project in the first half of next year.


Media contact: Paul Chamberlin 02 62777680 / 0419 233989



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