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$68 million to help our universities become more efficient.

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$68 million to help our universities become more efficient

5 September 2007

The Minister for Education, Science and Training, the Hon Julie Bishop MP, today announced $68 million in funding to assist universities achieve greater productivity and operational efficiencies.

"The 36 projects funded under the second round of the Workplace Productivity Programme will strengthen the capacity of our universities to manage and implement workplace change," Minister Bishop said.

"Universities that embrace the opportunity for workplace reform and greater efficiency are able to free up resources to help retain and reward our best and brightest academics and researchers."

The successful projects include:

z $4.8 million for the University of Canberra to reform its business processes and

improve its budget modelling and financial management; z $4.5 million for Murdoch University to reform its governance and decision-making

structures for increased efficiency in resource allocation for teaching and research; z $3.7 million for Victoria University to progress workplace reform through more flexible

working arrangements and strategic workforce planning; z $3.2 million for the University of the Sunshine Coast for a major upgrade of

administrative systems capacity that will enhance student and staff services; z $3.3 million for The University of Adelaide to simplify its business processes and relieve

the administrative workload on academic staff to improve teaching and research capacity; and z $1.6 million for Macquarie University to streamline its academic structure and

implement a new expense management system.

"The Howard Government is committed to improving the performance of our universities and the $68 million in grants I am announcing today is in addition to the $60 million in funding provided to the sector for productivity reform last year through the Workplace Productivity Programme," Minister Bishop said.

A list of the successful Round Two WPP projects is attached and further information on the programme is available at

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Workplace Productivity Programme - Round 2

Funding from 2008 to 2010

Higher Education Provider Project Name & Description Funding

Australian Technology Network (through RMIT)

Alternative Pay and Career Structures for Academic and Professional Staff - develop an alternative pay and career structure for academic and professional staff in universities that provides flexibility and encourages improved individual performance outcomes linked to desired organisational objectives. $1,532,225

Batchelor Institute

Student Services Reform - centralising the student application, admission and enrolment processes to achieve enhanced functionality and administrative efficiencies. $423,164

Central Queensland University

HR Systems and Processes Renewal - change the way CQU utilises its HR information systems and significantly re-engineer the associated business processes, targeting areas which involve complex manual procedures and do not leverage available system efficiencies. $1,054,939

Charles Darwin University

Reforming HR Practices - development of a framework to analyse and articulate future skills and competency needs; implementation of workforce planning activities and associated training; steps to improve strategic recruitment of staff; and

implementation of an identity management system so as to make practical the outcomes from workforce planning. $2,353,743

Charles Sturt University

Unified Session Model - replace CSU's current calendar arrangement of twelve or more overlapping academic sessions with a new unified session calendar which will have three

sessions of equal duration applied across all CSU campuses and its partners worldwide, giving the university greater flexibility in the deployment of staff. $786,000

Deakin University

Improving Productivity Through Workplace Reform - reforming the university's HR practices by removing workplace constraints and providing greater flexibility in the university's

operations, leading to optimal organisational structures and improved operational performance. $2,532,050

Edith Cowan University

Human Capital Planning and Performance Project - develop new HR systems, processes and practices to bring the standards of services and support in line with current international best practice. $530,000

Flinders University

Enhanced Electronic Data Management - enable the university to improve its workflow processes and data management capacity, and implement an accounts payable invoice scanning and image storing system to support financial reform. $442,500


Accelerating Workplace Reform - financial and operational reform project encompassing: strategic portfolio management; accrual management and reporting; automated accounts receivable invoicing; international transaction reconciliation; a new logistics service delivery model; and a student load


University projection model. $1,769,810

La Trobe University

Business Improvement Programme - realign the university's regional, multi-campus workplace based on a new corporate and financial management framework, enhanced leadership and cultural change, and improved staff accountability and performance. $3,705,568

Macquarie University

Academic Repositioning Project - streamline the academic structure and provide a more flexible and differentiated set of academic offerings as the basis for directing resources more efficiently towards areas of particular strength, importance and opportunity. $1,350,000

Macquarie University

Expense Management System - replace an inefficient manual credit card management system with automated reporting of credit card purchases providing better information visibility on employee expenditure. $230,000

Monash University

Higher Degree Research Admissions Improvements - move admission procedures to an on-line system, and integrate diverse and incompatible inquiry procedures into a streamlined and accessible environment. $1,653,800

Monash University

Strategic Review of Monash Sport - review the university's sport and recreation services to develop a sustainable longer term structure and business model for the provision of these services across its six Victorian campuses. $120,000

Murdoch University

Governance and Operational Efficiency Reform Programme - develop a high performance workplace through improved governance and decision-making, increased efficiency in resource allocation for teaching and research, and improved service delivery, cost effectiveness and management of non-academic functions. $4,493,714

Queensland University of Technology

Standards for the Professional Practise of HR - develop standards for the professional practice of HR in Australian universities to set the basis for staff quality assessment, performance examination, and international benchmarking. $1,361,366


Improved Strategic Resource Management and Cost Reduction -reduce indirect operating expenditure through elimination of activities that do not contribute to major objectives, and an integrated resource management process which provides robust decision-support capabilities for management. $2,000,000

Southern Cross University

New Business Model for the Delivery of Student Services - the development of an entirely new business model for the delivery of services across all the university's campuses, in partnership with student bodies, local small business, corporate service providers, community organisations, and academic areas. $397,160

Swinburne University of Technology

People, Productivity and Performance - increase workforce efficiency and productivity by defining and measuring performance standards, developing a performance-based remuneration strategy, and implementing an on-line performance management system, all underpinned by a comprehensive change management strategy. $2,490,500

Swinburne University of Technology

Centralising the Application Management System - provide a centralised system for administering applications from both international and domestic students, which will provide efficiencies in reporting and student processing. $551,650

Enabling Workplace Flexibility - move from an existing two-semester 26 week academic calendar to one that enables full


The Australian National University

use of educational infrastructure and academic expertise across the 52-week calendar year, thereby increasing productivity and meeting the needs of students for more flexible education. $2,925,000

The University of Adelaide

Support Service Excellence Programme - relieve academics of unnecessary administrative burdens by identifying and implementing improved ways of delivering support services, simplifying administrative processes, and standardising business processes with the aid of technology that enhances work-flows. $3,287,500

The University of Queensland

Financial Transformation Project - reshape the role of the Finance department to better support the university's strategic goals by shifting away from paper-driven, labour intensive processes and delivering a more powerful financial analysis capability and improved corporate governance and compliance. $3,400,000

The University of Sydney

Performance Aligned Remuneration Programme - re-engineer the university's remuneration practices to ensure that it optimises its salary budget by attracting and retaining high performing employees. $2,918,000

University of Canberra

Re-Making UC Systems and Processes - implement the new single services regime to streamline administrative staffing, and overhaul systems and reform business processes for student administration, academic decision-making, budget modelling and financial management. $4,750,000

University of Newcastle

HR Services Management System - deliver a Business Process Management System and methodology which will be applied to HR business strategies to maximise workplace flexibility and performance standards. $327,600

University of NSW

Centralised Childcare Operating Model - implement a centralised operating model for the four childcare centres at the university that will result in savings realised as more childcare places, and improve the availability of childcare is an enabler of staff and student recruitment and retention. $400,000

University of South Australia

Efficiency and Governance of Corporate Services - reform the operating environment and provide enhanced governance by re-engineering business processes and corporate performance management across central, divisional and school structures. $2,778,118

University of Southern Queensland

An Integrated Dashboard for Universities - a collaboration between USQ, ACU, and Swinburne to provide the capacity to source, integrate, utilise and report on human resource, financial, student, research and facilities data from different complex systems to deliver powerful cross-functional business intelligence. $2,002,475

University of Tasmania

Collaborative Medical School Benchmarking - a collaboration between the medical schools of the University of Tasmania, the University of Newcastle and the University of Adelaide aimed at an enhanced level of co-operation and support between the teaching hospitals and their medical staff and more streamlined back office processes. $230,000

University of Technology Sydney

Performance Management Framework Blueprint - deliver an integrated performance management capability for the university to support decision making through monitoring key performance indicators and consolidating various business intelligence and planning systems. $1,428,324

Administrative Productivity Improvement Plan - a major upgrade of administrative capacity that will enhance services for staff, students and linked external organisations, re-


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University of the Sunshine Coast engineer business processes and functions, automate current labour-intensive manual tasks, and expand self-service options. $3,228,260

University of Western Australia

Organisational Renewal and Productivity Programme - business efficiency and productivity reform through aligned activities: course structure review; strategic procurement project; integrated performance management; accommodation efficiency audit; and workforce planning for strategic human capital development. $2,324,529

University of Western Sydney

UWS - Our People 2015 - a strategic staffing strategy to enable improved productivity, performance and HR management across the university by addressing succession planning and professional capability development, and developing reward, recognition and incentive schemes to retain high performing staff. $2,927,200

University of Wollongong

Workforce Planning Model - establish a comprehensive planning model to maintain a high quality, versatile and diverse workforce which is continually aligned with the university's strategic priorities. $1,515,000

Victoria University

Building Workforce Capacity - workplace reform through direct and flexible working relationships, workforce planning and skill development, and performance management to achieve managers and staff with the right skills to implement the Making VU strategy. $3,666,124