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$4.5 million from Heritage Trust for election campaigning.

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Media Release


The Hon. Duncan Kerr MP

Federal Member for Denison


10 JUNE 1998




The Federal Government has siphoned $4.5 million from the Natural Heritage Trust and set up a slush fund to save its own neck.


It plans to spend the money before September on an advertising blitz in an attempt to brainwash voters and cover up the Coalition’s disgraceful environmental record.


Questioning in Senate Estimates has revealed that Environment Minister Robert Hill is imposing a levy across all NHT programs to pay for the advertising campaign.


Senator Hill told the Senate Committee that he has agreed to contract a provider to carry out qualitative and quantitative research to the value of $77 000.


In other words, the market research is to test the community’s mood and sentiment so the government can pitch its $4.5 million cynical exercise to try and delude the electorate and gloss over their shocking environmental record.


Initially $4.25 million was set aside from the fund to be spent over four years for over-arching expenditure which includes administration and general publicity and communications.


However, it has now been revealed that this figure has blown out to $10.75 million.


This latest rorting further devalues the NHT, which has always been a political fix-it fund where environmental considerations have been a poor second.


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