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Australia Day 2003: celebrate what's great.

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Michelle O’Byrne MP

Federal Member for Bass







Tasmanians were, today, urged to plan ahead to celebrate what’s great about Australia, this Australia Day, by the Fed eral Member for Bass, Michelle O’Byrne.


“There are ten days to go before January 26 th and that is more than enough time for all of us to get a plan together to celebrate Australia Day in a way that is meaningful to each of us, our families and our friends,” Ms O’Byrne said.


Ms O’Byrne said that just as they have begun to more fully embrace our other national day, Anzac Day, it was younger Australians who were generating the increased focus on Australia Day and would want to do so, especially in 2003.


“This year, January 26 th will be an occasion when we can stop and remember for a moment or two, our fellow countrymen and women who lost their lives in Bali doing what Australians do best - enjoying life. But it also gives us a great opportunity to recognise their individual contributions to Australia by doing that very same thing in their memory.” Ms O’Byrne said.


“With lots of community and sporting activities planned throughout the State, we have the option of getting out and enjoying something organised by our fellow Australians but we also have the chance to do something special at home or in our neighbourhood to mark the day.


Ms O’Byrne said that she had no doubt that Australians were starting to embrace Australia Day more and more as a day of celebration.


“Every year I hear about more and more people having an Australia Day breakfast, lunch or barbeque. And really its pretty easy at this time of year - you don’t have to worry about what to wear - you can just throw a meal together and have fun.


“I think it really took off, when we took the decision to celebrate the holiday on the day. As it happens the way the date falls this year, we get a Monday holiday like we used to but what is different now, I think, is that many more Australians actually know what day it is when they wake up on January 26 th ,” Ms O’Byrne said.



Launceston - 16 th January 2003


Further information: Michelle O’Byrne     0417 379 562

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