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Election 2007: Dump the dirt files and bring back balance!

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Senator Lyn Allison Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Victoria Australian Democrats spokesperson for Prime Minister & Cabinet

Dated: 14 October 2007 Portfolio: Prime Minister & Cabinet

ELECTION 2007: DUMP THE DIRT FILES AND BRING BACK BALANCE! ELECTION 2007: DUMP THE DIRT FILES AND BRING BACK BALANCE! The Australian Democrats are calling on voters to restore balance to the Senate and ensure whoever is chosen to form the next Government is stopped from using the Federal Parliament to trample democracy an ram through extreme legislation. “’Bring back balance’ is our call to arms this election. The Australian people have suffered for years at the hands of a Government which simply bulldozed anyone who didn’t agree with it and rammed through draconian laws such as Workchoices, despite the PM’s pretence today that he was concerned with balance” Senator Lyn Allison said. “And all Governments with too much power behave in exactly the same way in the end. “The Democrats have a proud history of stopping Governments abusing their power. John Howard showed just how contemptuous political leaders are of debate and democracy and that’s why the Australian Democrats are needed more than ever - standing in the way of harsh laws and extremist ideologues when they get to the Senate”. The Democrats are also calling for a ‘clean’ election fight following new attacks on the partner of Deputy Labor leader Julia Gillard. “This sort of grubby politics trashes lives and blackens the reputation of all politicians. It is time to put away the dirt files and fight this election campaign with debate not dirt”, Senator Allison said. She said the Democrats were needed as a crucial voice of reason and to avoid the potential for gridlock in a Parliament now dominated by parties from the extreme left or right. “The Democrats are the only party not bankrolled by powerful vested interests such as business or the unions. We are the only party which judges policy based on fairness and merit - not who is paying our bills.

“We will fight for those who are struggling to make ends meet while John Howard brags about a buoyant economy. We will fight for a clean, nuclear free and socially just Australia. We will stand against bigotry and exploitation. And history has shown we work with all sides of politics to achieve that. “ We’re calling on Australians to vote Democrats in Senate on election day and to bring back balance - it wil be the most important decision you make”.

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