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East Timor: warning of post-ballot holocaust.

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News Release

Laurie Brereton, MP

Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs




23 September




The Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Laurie Brereton, said today that the Australian Consulate in Dili receive d from UNAMET in early August, copies of documents detailing intimate cooperation between the Indonesian military and militias and their plans for widespread violence following the vote, including the mass deportation of population and liquidation of pro-independence East Timorese.


“Foreign Minister Downer’s claims that no one could have anticipated the scale of post-ballot violence lack any scerrick of credibility”, Mr Brereton said. “His attempts to avoid his responsibility are an utter disgrace.”


“One Australian CIVPOL Officer wrote prior to the ballot: ‘You do not have to be a rocket scientist to work out a frightening prognosis from all these sources. ... East Timor would descend into the same hell that Somali went though. Dili could be a mini Mogadishu.”


“Today the Howard Government indulged in an orgy of self congratulation, so proud of the fact that peacekeepers finally arrived so soon after the slaughter of innocent East Timorese and the burning of Dili.”


“One thing is clear, the Howard Government has absolutely no sense of shame.”


Relevant documents are attached.


[Attachment to hard copy:

United Nations Mission in East Timor, [13p]

Held in DPL’s Information Files]



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