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Don't be a goose when cooking your Christmas turkey.

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ROGER PRICE MP Federal Member for Chifley


Warm weather, family and friends enjoying lunch or dinner are part of a great Aussie Christmas. Which is one reason to make sure that when it comes to preparing food, we need to be careful that no-one gets food poisoning, Member for Chifley, Roger Price said.

“Each year there are approximately 2 million cases of food poisoning in Australia,” Mr Price said.

“Reports from the Food Safety Campaign Group indicate that 27 per cent of food poisoning occurs from inadequate cooking, and 20 per cent from keeping food too long or too warm.

“That’s why people have to be extra careful, especially over Christmas, when the weather is warmer and people are cooking for family and friends.

“A couple of handy hints to make sure that we all enjoy the Christmas period are: • Before preparing your food, make sure there is enough room in your fridge to keep cold food under 5 degrees Celsius.

• Frozen turkeys can be safely thawed on the kitchen bench at room temperature, so long as it is kept in its plastic bag and with a baking tray to catch the juices, but it needs to be cooked or refrigerated as soon as it is thawed.

• Use refrigerated leftovers within 2-3 days; and • Your Christmas ham will keep several weeks with proper handling by removing it from a plastic wrap and covering it with a clean, dry cloth so it doesn’t dry out.

The Australian New Zealand Food Authority has some great tips for food safety that can be viewed on their website at

Ends 19 December 2002