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Troop deployment insult to Australian people.

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Kerry Nettle, Senator for New South Wales


Troop Deployment Insult to Australian People

Senator Kerry Nettle has described The Government’s deployment of troops to the gulf tomorrow, against the will of the majority of Australians, as ‘an insult to the Australian people,’ and ‘contemptuous of democracy’.

“The Prime Minister, and his government are far more concerned with being at the massacre on time than hearing the concerns of the Australian people.” Senator Nettle said,

“The rhetoric from the US administration has all but announced the declaration of war, and their fawning allies, Australian and the UK, are now in full preparation for their bit parts in this needless slaughter.

“These troop deployments are the latest in a line of indicators that this government intends to take Australians to war irrespective of the outcomes at the UN Security Council.

“The Minister’s contention that these troop movements are part of the Government’s commitment to a ‘diplomatic solution’ is laughably misleading. The Government has failed to pursue a serious diplomatic peace process, instead slavishly following the US

Administration’s aggressively reckless military policy.

“It’s simply not the job of the Australian Defence Force to fight US oil wars.”

Senator Nettle will join peace demonstrators at Cowper Wharf in Sydney tomorrow to remind the Prime Minister that Australia and its armed forces should not be supporting any war in Iraq.

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