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ASIO Bill an affront to civil liberties.

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Mr Michael Organ MP


Legislation to enhance the government's ability to combat terrorism promotes detention without trial and other abuses of the civil rights of ordinary Australians, Cunningham MP Michael Organ said today.

"It introduces elements into our legal system and law enforcement regime which are repugnant to our cherished Australian way of life", Mr. Organ said.

"How dare the government propose to seize 14 year olds off the street!"

"ASIO, the Australian Federal Police and the NSW Police already have adequate powers to deal with real or perceived terrorist threats," Mr. Organ said.

"The Greens understand that the threat faced by western democracies is different to state-based threats that our security services have had to face in the past, but terrorism itself is not new, only the scale experienced."

"What is needed in response is proper funding of our existing security, customs and judicial services to meet these threats, not draconian new powers that take away the very liberties that terrorists are themselves seeking to destroy", Mr. Organ added.

"The balance between civil liberties and security is a delicate one and I have a duty to protect the people of Cunningham from arbitrary interference and detention by the State."

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