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Zimbabwe: removal of Commonwealth sanctions.

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Sandy Macdonald National Party Senator for NSW

Zimbabwe - Removal of Commonwealth Sanctions.

“If the Presidents of South Africa and Nigeria are successful in removing Commonwealth sanctions against Zimbabwe, the Commonwealth will join the UN as being unable or unwilling to provide relevant, collective responsibility to international conflict,” Senator Sandy Macdonald, a Commonwealth Observer of the 2000 Zimbabwe elections said today.

“The call from Presidents Obasanjo and Mbeki to cancel a meeting of the Commonwealth ‘troika’ headed by Australian Prime Minister John Howard on the basis that the Zimbabwean government had adhered to the Commonwealth requirements is transparently wrong, as Zimbabwe descends into starvation and politically sanctioned violence exercised against opponents of the Mugabe regime.”

“Zimbabwe is in melt-down and now the Commonwealth is attempting to remove itself from doing what little it can that is right,” Senator Macdonald said.

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