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Stop Howard's nuclear reactor plan for Port Kembla.

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Anthony Albanese MP Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Water

Jennie George MP Member for Throsby

Stop Howard’s nuclear reactor plan for Port Kembla

Today, Anthony Albanese launched Jennie George’s petition opposing the Howard Government’s plans for 25 nuclear reactors in Australia and the suggestion that Port Kembla may be a suitable site for a nuclear reactor.

John Howard has committed to build 25 nuclear reactors and high level nuclear waste dumps across Australia, and Port Kembla’s coastal location makes it a prime site for a reactor.

On 30 January 2007, the Australia Institute identified Port Kembla as a potential site for a nuclear reactor due to its proximity to seawater for cooling, and easy access to electricity and transport infrastructure.

John Howard told Parliament the location of nuclear reactors would be a matter “for commercial investors” and specifically refused to rule out the Electorate of Throsby as a site for one of his 25 nuclear reactors.

John Howard has consistently declared nuclear power was “inevitable” for Australia, and on 30 May 2007 in Parliament John Howard stated “I actually believe that this country has to embrace the option of nuclear power.”

To ensure a nuclear reactor can be imposed on Port Kembla, John Howard pledged on 28 April to repeal current Commonwealth laws which prohibit nuclear reactors, and on 30 May he stated the Commonwealth should legislate to over-ride State laws blocking nuclear reactors.

John Howard has got to come clean before the election and state where its 25 nuclear reactors will go and where the associated nuclear waste dumps will go.

Labor strongly opposes having a nuclear reactor at Port Kembla or anywhere else in Australia.

This election is a choice between the solar power and clean energy offered by a Rudd Labor Government and Mr Howard’s nuclear fantasy.

If the Howard Government is re-elected, there is no doubt John Howard will pursue his nuclear reactor plans.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007 For further information/comment: Jennie George MP 0418 784455 Antony Sachs (Albanese) 0417 493 485