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Howard and Joyce: no choice for Australian workers.

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Senator Lyn Allison Parliamentary Leader and Democrats Senator for Victoria Dated: 01 December 2005 Press Release Number: ewdurupe

Portfolio: Workplace Relations

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The Government will pay the price at the next election by ignoring the wishes of millions of working Australians and pushing ahead with its Work Choices Bill, Democrat Leader Senator Lyn Allison said today.

"The Government has silenced its more moderate and reasonable MPs and pursued, with only minor amendments, its ideological campaign to destroy unionism in Australia," Senator Allison said.

"Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce had a historic opportunity to bury the IR Bill, but instead, gained enough concessions so he could sleep at night.

"The Nationals will be remembered by Queenslanders as the party who destroyed workers rights the rights of people working on the land and in small country towns Mr Joyces own constituents.

"Mr Joyce has compromised himself, his party and the nation.

"This is an assault on the economic, social, and political foundations of work arrangements in Australia.

"The Work Choices Act will affect women, sole parents, families, migrants and all those who are least able to negotiate their own workplace agreements."

"Mr Howard assures us that in a years time, workers will look back and realise the sky is not falling in. Thats the kind of ridiculous statement the Prime Minister can make sitting in Canberra and Kirribilli and not from the real world of workers."