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Real Estate Institute wrong on tenancy legislation: Howe


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Real Estate Institute wrong on tenancy legislation: Howe. Brian HOWE, MP. Pressrelease(MinisterforHousingandRegionalDevelopment), BH84/95, 6June1995.

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The Real Estate Institute of Australia is completely wrong in claiming that minimum legislative standards for residential tenancies would choke supply of private rental accommodation, the Federal Minister for Housing, Brian Howe said today.

"If the REIA had read the report they would see that several studies have concluded that residential tenancies legislation has no impact on the supply of private rental accommodation," Mr Howe said.

Mr Howe said that South Australia, (since 1978), Victoria, (since 1985), WA and NSW, (since 1989), have all had residential tenancies legislation which sits comfortably within the range of minimum standards set out in the Federal Government's Report. This legislation has had no discernible impact on the supply of private rental housing in those States.

The Real Estate Institute's own data contradicts the assertions made in their press release. REIA moving annual vacancy rate data indicated that vacancy rates had been stable or increased between 1989 and 1992 for all capital cities except Canberra despite the introduction of legislation in NSW and WA.

The Report does not set out to establish prescriptive national legislation governing landlord and tenant relationships. Nor will the Commonwealth be legislating a national Landlord and Tenant Act.

The Commonwealth will be working co-operatively with the States to establish minimum legislative standards, many of which are already exceeded in a number of areas by some States.

The standards proposed will effect not only an improvement for tenants but for landlords as well.


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