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More small business jobs thanks to WorkChoices.

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Media Release The Hon Fran Bailey, MP

7 September 2006

MORE SMALL BUSINESS JOBS THANKS TO WORKCHOICES The recent introduction of the Howard Government's WorkChoices package of workplace reforms has resulted in strong jobs growth across Australia's small business sector, Small Business Minister Fran Bailey said today.

According to the latest statistics, 175,800 new jobs have been created since the inception of WorkChoices in March. More than 24,000 employees in small business have also negotiated Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) under the WorkChoices system.

"Small business and their employees are embracing WorkChoices helping to create new jobs and business opportunities for Australians," Fran Bailey, Minister for Small Business and Tourism, said today.

"The aim of WorkChoices is to generate more jobs and business opportunities for Australians - and that's exactly what is being delivered."

WorkChoices has created a number of benefits for small business, including the establishment of simplified, tailor made AWAs and a move toward a single national workplace relations system. These complement exemptions to unfair dismissal for small businesses.

"Already, small business has breathed a giant sigh of relief with the removal of unfair dismissals. No longer will small business operators be threatened with 'go-away' money. Now, small business is getting on with what it does best, creating jobs and innovation for Australia."

The Howard Government remains determined to keep unemployment at 30-year lows.

"We're committed to giving small businesses the incentives and flexibility they need to increase their workforces, and to assist more and more Australians to benefit from the increased confidence, security and self-esteem that comes from having a job," Fran Bailey said.

More information about WorkChoices, including its multiple benefits for small business, can be found at

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