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Price cares about education.

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Federal Member for Chifley

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“Labor will provide increased funding for all sectors of education in its $1.4 billion education policy”, said Roger Price MP, Federal Member for Chifley.


“Labor will repair the damage caused by the Howard Government's cuts to education and turn Australia into a learning society”, said Mr Price.


The major features of Labor's package include:


• more than a billion dollars extra funding for school education;

• abolition of up-front undergraduate fees at universities;

• progressive lifting of the HECS repayment threshold;

• $160 million extra funding for universities;

• $120 million for additional student places at TAFE;

• lowering of the independence age for Austudy from 25 to 23;

• $60 million for computer and Internet access in local libraries; and

• a comprehensive review of the entire education system.


“The extra school funding will be used to bring all schools up to an agreed national standard. A $90 million Equity Program will be established to help the most disadvantaged schools and students through innovative approaches to learning”, said Mr Price.


“This is major reinvestment in one of the most vital policy areas. Under Labor, education will be back at the centre of the nation's future”.


“A range of initiatives aim at building a culture of lifelong learning, such as directing funding to non-credential adult and community education courses”.


“By contrast, the Coalition plans to hit these courses with a 10 per cent GST, punishing people for seeking to learn, rather than encouraging them. The GST will also make learning more costly as it will tax educational books bought by students and parents, school uniforms, school lunches, and bus and rail fares”.


“The Howard Government's lack of vision for Australia has been most obvious and damaging in the area of education and training”.


“Labor has a vision - a sweeping, well-resourced vision which Australia deserves and needs for the challenges ahead - with no GST !” concluded Mr Price.


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Dated: 17 September 1998