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Local children to remain at risk.

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Andrew Laming MP Federal Member for Bowman

Friday, 27 May 2005 MR05.034


Following the announcement from the Beattie State Government that the process of removing asbestos from Queensland schools would begin this year, Andrew Laming MP asks the question, “if the asbestos should be removed, why not now?”

Dr Laming, Federal Member for Bowman and former surgeon has expressed concern that children in Redland schools could remain at risk of contracting asbestos related illnesses for up to ten years.

From the twenty-six Redland Schools affected by asbestos, only one school has been scheduled for removal in the coming year.

“After recognising that Asbestos represents such a risk to our children, it beggars belief as to why the Beattie Government is willing to allow children to study in environments with toxic material hanging overhead.

“As a former surgeon, I am acutely aware of the affects asbestos related disease can have on families and communities. Asbestosis can lay dormant for decades and can cause a range of painful and life threatening illnesses including emphysema, lung cancer and congestive heart failure.

“The Queensland Government has benefited with millions of dollars extra from the GST windfall. They have now failed to fully address this problem and instead decided to leave hundreds of Redland children and teachers at risk of inhaling asbestos particles and suffering the results of asbestos related disease later in life.

“I call on local State MPs, Messrs Choi, Briskey and English to petition the Premier and Education Minister to rectify this situation and create healthy environments for our children to learn in.

“Only when all asbestos is removed from local schools can we be sure that our kids will be safe from the painful and ongoing affects of asbestos related disease.”


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Government Schools with Asbestos - Redlands

• Alexandra Hills High School • Alexandra Hills Pre-School • Alexandra Hills State School • Birkdale South Pre-School • Birkdale South State School • Birkdale Pre-School • Birkdale State School • Capalaba State High School • Capalaba State School • Capalaba Pre-School • Cleveland District State High School • Cleveland State School • Coolnwynpin Pre-School • Coolnwynpin State School • Dunwich State School • Hilliard State School • MacLeay Island State School • Ormiston State School • Redland Bay State School • Russell Island State School • Thornlands State School • Victoria Point State High School • Victoria Point State School • Vienna Woods State School • Wellington Point State High School • Wellington Point State School

From this list only Thornlands State School has been scheduled for asbestos removal in the coming year.

The rest of the schools listed could wait up to ten years for asbestos removal.