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Industry Minister congratulates Geelong firm on world first.

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The Hon.John Moore,MP

Minister for Industry, Science and Tourism


Thursday 19 March 1998



Industry Minister Congratulates Geelong Firm on World First


Federal Industry Minister John Moore today congratulated Geelong Wool Combing Ltd on its breakthrough in environmental waste management ... an achievement that has won the company the coveted international standard ISO 14001.


The Minister formally presented the certification at GWC's plant today.


Geelong Wool Combing Ltd is the first wool processing plant anywhere in the world to be awarded this Environmental Quality Certification standard.


"This sets a world-class precedent for other Australian industries to follow," Mr Moore said. "There's no doubt it will improve the perception of Australia's wool processing industry, not just domestically but internationally as well. Certainly, it shows GWC to be an environmentally responsible company".


In recent years, pollution control and effluent disposal have contributed to a need for Western European and Japanese wool processors to close down. GWC on the other hand is the first plant of its type with the technology to fully convert the waste produced in wool processing into additive-free composts and fertilisers.


"GWC' s winning of the ISO 14001 standard also makes great business sense," said Mr Moore. "It gives this Geelong-based company and its Australian workforce a distinct competitive advantage. "That will help the company make further inroads internationally. And that's good for jobs."


Geelong Wool Combing's organic "Topsoil" product was developed with assistance from the CSIRO's Division of Wool Technology and Victoria's State Chemistry Laboratory.


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