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Simon Crean's failure on people smuggling.

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14 June 2002 A71/2002


"The Leader of the Opposition, Simon Crean, has put short term party politics ahead of the national interest in his decision to oppose the Government's new people smuggling regulations," the Acting Prime Minister, John Anderson, said today.

"He has signalled to the people smugglers that we are not, as a country, united in our opposition to them. There should be no doubt the smugglers will seize on Labor's stance and use it to promote their vile trade.

"The people smugglers are already looking at opening new routes eastward. Simon Crean has just hung out their 'open for business' sign again.

"It is yet another example of Labor's flips and flops on the people smuggling issue," Mr Anderson said.

The new regulations make it less attractive for people smugglers to bring unauthorised arrivals to Australia, by excising additional locations from Australia's migration zone.

Media Contact: Duncan Bremner 0427 200 674 (travelling with the Acting Prime Minister)