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Haneef case puts terror laws under question.

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Senator Kerry Nettle Australian Greens Senator for New South Wales

Haneef case puts terror laws under question

21st Jul 07

Australian Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today commented that the Dr Haneef case is raising more questions about Australia's terror laws.

"The terror laws are so broad and give so much power to authorities that they can be used politically," said Senator Nettle.

"This may well be what has happened in the case of Dr Haneef.

"No wonder members of the Australian community are concerned about the power authorities have to detain people when they look at the Dr Haneef case and think, "that could have been me!"

"Dr Haneef was held for 12 days without charge. Perhaps there was so much pressure from the government on the Australian Federal Police to come up with a charge that they made so many mistakes.

"Kevin Andrews needs to review his decision to cancel Dr Haneef's visa because he was given wrong information when he made that decision.

"The mistakes that the federal police have made in this case are inexcusable.

"The Greens opposed the terror laws because they are so broad and far reaching that they can catch innocent people. After the election The Greens hope to be able to work with the government to make the terror laws fairer," said Senator Nettle.

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